Vishu Wishes and ‘Konde’ Story

 ‘Konde’ or Cassia Fistula flowers for Vishu festival and story of my first captures of the flowers I love.

Cassia Fistula Flower Shower

‘Konde’ – Chasing the Dream

I love these ‘Konde’ flowers since the day I saw them. Amma introduced them to me on the way to my granny’s place. Our usual trips to granny’s place were during Vasantha ruthu (spring) when we were having summer holidays. Sitting in window seat, looking out for flower bearing trees and questioning Amma about them, was my favourite pass time during the bus journey from Vitla to Chippar (in the border of Karnataka and Kerala).

I have been dreaming of planting such lovable plants when I was very young. As I grew up, the desire had been refined to drawing and painting those flowers. As I grew up further, I further compromised me to at least photograph them. And on one fine day of Chaithra maasa (April 2014), my desire to capture ‘Konde’ got fulfilled near Udupi.

Konde or Golden Shower Flowers

It was a dream come true moment standing beneath a flower shower of ‘Konde’. So, I wanted to dedicate this post for my first attempt though I was not very happy with my clicks. It was challenging to capture yellow flowers. I understand, there is a limit to photography with a point and shoot camera like Nikon Coolpix S9100.

Cassia Fistula or Konde Flowers

Cassia Fistula

It is then I looked for the details of ‘Konde’. It is commonly known as golden shower or golden rain tree. It’s botanical name is Cassia Fistula. It is called as ‘Kakke’ in Kannada.

‘Konde’ – Facts behind the Name

I didn’t find mention of ‘Konde’, a name popular in Dakshina Kannada. But, to my astonishment, the tree is named as ‘ Konrai’ in Tamil and identified in old Tamil scriptures as ‘Konddrai’! (Source – Cassia Fistula in Wikipedia)

Cassia Fistula and Vishu

The Cassia Fistula or Golden Shower flowers remind me of Vishu festival. And Vishu reminds me of ‘Konde’. Vishu is the Solar New Year celebrated on the next day of Mesha Sankranti. It falls on 14th or 15th April every year as it is based on Solar Calendar. Vishu is celebrated in Dakshina Kannada (my native) and throughout Kerala.

Konde or Vishu Konna flower greeting card for Vishu Festival

Happy Vishu to all of you! May the New Year bring prosperity and happiness to you all! 



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