Seeing the Light Within

In the darkest times,

We see

The light within!

– Desi Quotes

Seeing The Light Within - "In the darkest times, We see The light within!" - Desi Quotes

Dark times come in everyone’s life. And when they come, they make us look inward and show us the light within. It is that light which guides us and leads us. It is that light which directs us in life’s journey. It is the same light, all the dharmas and religions talk about.

No, no! I’m not preaching, I’m unfit to do that! Because I believe, I am one among the last creatures in this world to preach something that that already exists, that is already been told.

I am just re-writing what I experienced, to keep a record of the positive thoughts. As it is said, we are what we see. We are what we hear. We are what we read. We are what we sense and we are what we experience. They make us and our thoughts. So, when I am unable to give credits to exactly from whom these thoughts came to me, I mention them as ‘Desi Quotes’.

Desi’ means indigenous, pure. Jñānis say, we are ‘Adhyatma’ or our spiritual self in our pure form. Life drags us towards our original and pure self if we wish not. So, ‘DeSi’s credits to ‘Desi’, our pure self, through ‘Desi Quotes’.


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