An Abstract Floral Art

An abstract floral art drawn using Adobe Photoshop Sketch app

A floral art drawn in fingertip using adobe photoshop sketch app.

What to do when you want to draw/paint butyou can’t take your colours out? Thanks to digital drawing apps that are very handy.

This flashback plays every time I make digital art. There were some days (2001), I had withdrawn from computer class because I hated computers.  I was not happy with the fact that computers can do all tasks humans can do. I was not at all happy that a computer can draw. We humans create arts with passion and I didn’t understand why computers want to steal our happiness?

But, today my day is incomplete without a digital gadget. I work in the digital world. Now I know, computers don’t draw. But, they have tools to ease us in drawing.

I drew this floral art in abstract manner using Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. This is a leisurely drawn artwork. Its been almost five months now, since I started drawing digitally. Just can’t imagine drawing and thus providing food for my brain almost every week having a busy toddler around without my ASUS ZenPad.

How do you feed food for your brain? Do share with us. Thank you!



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  1. Ashok says:

    very creative blog!

Your words make my day!