Tutorial: Draw Ganesha Word Art in English

An introduction to word arts and doodles along with a tutorial on drawing an easy word art/doodle of Shri Ganesha in English presented as an animated GIF

Introduction to Word Art and Doodles

Word Art is the technique of making use of letters as suitable shapes in a drawing resulting a meaningful artwork. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning, as mentioned in Wikipedia.

Why Word Arts and Doodling?

Every kid loves to draw. Kids have great observation skills and they draw from memory. I believe, this gives them originality. A teacher has a right only to assist in enhancing the existing skills. A teacher can expose them to the techniques. This tutorial introduces to the word art technique to the kids. The word art or doodling technique helps to broaden their imagination by relating shapes and letters.

Many get detached from their drawing skills as they grow up. May be due to lack of support or due to comparison with others, they stop drawing. Doodling or word art technique helps them to reconnect to the imagination power they have.

How to draw Shri Ganesha Word Art in English

How to draw Ganesha Word Art English

I drew a word art of Lord Ganesha recently. Here I have tried to showcase how to draw the same with the help of an animated GIF. In this tutorial, Lord Ganesha picture is drawn using his name ‘Ganesha’. This simple doodle or word art is easy to learn for the beginners. The letters help understand the shapes relating them to the known shapes of the letters.

Step by step animated GIF tutorial about how to draw Ganesha Word Art in English

In this word art, ‘G’ makes the right ear of Ganeshji. Right eye is shaped by ‘a’. ‘n’ makes the head and left ear. Ganesha’s right hand is made by ‘e’. Letter ‘s’ forms his trunk and ‘h’ finds a place in his left leg. Drawing is finished with some shaped lines.

This is my first attempt to make a tutorial for a drawing. This is my first animated GIF. So, Please write to me how did you find the Ganesha word art tutorial. Thank you!

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