‘The Arts & Me’ is now ‘Desi Abhivyakti’

As we are growing up, there are times when we ask ourselves, “Who are we? Why are we here?”. We get some answers and some more questions follow them. The cycle of questions and answers keeps moving along with us, keeps connecting with our inner voice and reminds time to time that the spark is within. It assures we are here to express our true selves.

The adventurous path we choose sometimes frightens with puzzles that seem to be unsolvable. But, life shows unexpected ways to solve them, pats at the back and cheers up.

Desi Abhivyakti in Kannada

Dear Reader,

‘The Arts and Me’ has come a long way since it is online. ‘The Arts and Me’ has been nourished and flourished with your love. Ups and downs kept shaping both the blog and me. But, it is your affection that has been energizing us! ‘The Arts and Me’ is opening up in a new dimension as ‘Desi Abhivyakti’, with its own domain desiabhivyakti. You are coming along with us, are you?


  1. Good to hear from you after a long time. Loved this new name 🙂

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