Squirrels are one of the most adorable creatures in the world!

Squirrels at Aditi Garden, Pune, India
I enjoy watching them for hours together…

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  1. Aww….they are so cute. 🙂

  2. That is such a brilliant, cute shot Sindhu.. I am sure it would ave taken a lot of effort to chase them and get such a snap happy moment..lovely!

  3. Lovely couple in love 🙂 Nice image and video of the nature's best species "squirrels"

  4. Lovely and cute shot. Keepposting

  5. nice click! i really adore baby squirrels 😀

  6. Nice click…next time try to get lower to the ground. It will be different perspective.

  7. Watching squirrels is indeed fun!

  8. That's a cute picture. Well done capturing this 🙂

  9. Beautiful 🙂 loved your vidoe too 🙂 capturing squirrels is a fun in itself, they look beautiful 🙂

  10. hahah Aditi garden 😀 this is too cute 🙂 I'm commenting on your blog after such a long time. I hope your doin alright 😀

  11. HI Sindhu
    Superb click
    Squirrels are innocent creatures..
    When i see those 3 stripes on their backs, I remember the story that these stripes are as a blessing from Lord Rama to these squirrels, this reminds the story that no task, however small, is unimportant! Every task should be looked upon as service to the lord, and his blessings will always be with us.
    Great Click,
    Thanks for sharing !!!
    Have a fantastic Day Ahead

  12. Cute capture!!

  13. Truly cute ones.

  14. Truly adorable, Sindhu 😛

  15. Aw… I so so love them!

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