The Lonely Benches…

The Lonely Benches - Aditi garden, Pune

Today I am voting 🙂 These lonely benches @ Aditi Garden, Pune reminded me of our Lok Sabha election. Lok Sabha seats are waiting for the right candidates who serve the nation… just like these lonely benches that are waiting for singles/pairs who adore nature. So far hundreds of MPs have been elected to Lok Sabha and several people have had admired nature resting on these benches…
Indian General Elections are scheduled between 7th April 2014 – 12th May 2014 and voting to be held in nine phases. The result of the election will be announced on 16th May 2014. Let’s hope the kindest ones occupy them, both the Lok Sabha seats and these lonely benches!

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  1. Nice post. No matter who we will vote, we should go to the polling booth and vote. This is our right.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I second you Sir!

  3. Nice pic…with a beautiful color combination…

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