Graceful Sandmat – The Tiny Darling!

Finally identified her! She is Graceful sandmat! Her botanical name is Chamaesyce hypericifolia, belonging to Euphorbiaceae. She is so graceful! And, she is almost a small to medium bindi size 🙂 That’s why she is my tiny darling!
Graceful Sandmat or Graceful Spurge is a very small weed plant that I captured in the month of October 2013 and since then trying continuously to get identification of the same. Got to know through some friends of FB group Indian Flora that she belongs to Eauphorbia species. But, I couldn’t trace the exact name out of some names suggested Euphorbia Hirta Linn, Euphorbia Hispida, Euphorbia Rosea, Euphorbia sp. Tricarpellary until 5th of March 2014! 
Thanks to Google for finally taking me in the right path!

Graceful sandmat or Chamaesyce hypericifolia (Euphorbiaceae)
The Graceful Sandmat

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  1. Beautiful.

  2. I love it when weeds are this beautiful.

  3. That is great you put in effort to find the name of the plant.
    Tiny flowers yet so beautiful.

  4. This is so beautiful!

  5. It's beautiful. Hats off to your efforts to identify her. 🙂

  6. next time you have a plant/insect/bird/animal etc that you can't identify, upload it on the and someone will ID it for you

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