Pick A Cookie & Take A Bite…

What are you up to this weekend? Nothing special? 
Then, pick a cookie from the plate and take a bite!

Pick A Cookie & Take A Bite
Butter Short Bread Cookie, California Cookie, Choco Chip Cookie, Coconut Macaroon Cookie or Coffee Walnut Cookie… All from Cookie Man : ) 
Pick a cookie of your choice! 
And just enjoy!
A Plateful of Cookies

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A nature lover and dreamer who expresses herself as an artist, fashion designer and blogger. Persued B.Sc fashion design at Karavali College (Mangaluru University 2003 - 2006) with first rank. Former lecturer for fashion designing at Gloria College, Puttur for five years (2006-2011). Blogger since 2013.


  1. Wow, delicious capture 🙂 feeling like having one right now 🙂 will buy choco cookie today evening.

  2. Did you make them Sindhu? Looks so yummy 🙂

  3. I am hungry now. Please send me some. Thanks.

  4. Thank you Deepa 🙂 Ha haa 😀 Your Cookie seller had got the benefit of this post 🙂 TC!

  5. Thank you Uma 🙂 I didn't prepare them, it was a gift from my husband's office for Diwali 🙂

  6. Ha haa 😀 Catch it………….! 😀

  7. Will send some to you too 😀 Ha haa 😀 Thanks for your visit to TAAM 🙂 Hope tou had a great time here 🙂

  8. I will have one of each, thanks 😀

  9. I would definitely like to have a few, if they are still left 😉 🙂

  10. I wish I could have grabbed few of them 🙂

  11. I wish it all came to me in real 🙂

  12. I want ALL of those .. like, NOW 🙂

  13. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂

  14. With pleasure! Thank you Deepakji 🙂

  15. Ha haa 😀 You guessed it right! Thanks for dropping your thoughts 🙂

  16. Ha haa 😀 Thanks for your time and thoughts Nevin! You are so kind!

  17. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Krishna Chandranji 🙂

  18. Thank you Deepa 🙂

  19. Thank you…… 🙂 Feeling as if I have won an award! Your words mean a lot!

  20. Please have them, all yours 🙂 😀 Thanks for your visit 🙂

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