Coastal Karnataka Special!

Dear TAAM reader!

I am finally back after an unexpected extension of my holidays! Read your precious words for my clicks 🙂 Totally struck thinking of where to start from??? Scheduling works, replying you back, fulfilling your requests at Tantu… Lots and lots of works!

Ooof! I had 5 or 6 PASS tags! Sorry my dear friends who had tagged me, I couldn’t participate 🙁

Naughty Shauri (& my family), the nature, the hot water for bathing in ‘Bisi Neera Hande’, mouth watering Sole Rotti (Rotti of Brined Raw Jackfruit), Niru Dose, Boiled (red) Rice… Some sweet memories of my native, Coastal Karnataka make me smile, in spite of having to complete a heavy load of work ahead. For time being, a collage of pictures for you 🙂

nature, hot water for bathing in 'Bisi Neera hande and Sole Rotti (made of brined raw jackfruit)

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  1. Wonderful pictures, Sindhu.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  3. Thanks for your time Bharati! TC!

  4. Had a blast SG ji 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! TC!

  5. My son had a similar green one for bath in my native. Today I had made neer dosa and my rice is always boiled red rice…:)
    Though I am from Kerala, so many common things..

  6. Wow that reminds me of my childhood…. I am also from a place from Coastal Karnataka…I can relate to what all u have mentioned…

  7. Oh! Is it?! After all we belong to the same western coast 🙂 Keep smiling & keep visiting! TC!

  8. Thank you Aparna! Glad you like them 🙂 Thanks for your visit 🙂 TC!

  9. Wow! It feels great to meet someone from my native state 🙂 Where exactly are you from?

  10. Are those white ones mushrooms?
    I like the kitchen shot too.

  11. Yes Indrani, they are some wild mushrooms. It feels great to receive your compliments 🙂 Keep smiling! TC!

  12. oh wow. its been a long time since i've seen some wild mushrooms .. used to see a lot on our visits to kerala.
    Also, thats a lovely collage Sindhu 🙂
    The solle roti is making my mouth water now though i've never had it hehe..

  13. Difficult to say which picture I liked most, in the end I will go with the kid I think.

  14. Beautiful collage of lovely captures!

  15. the first two pictures are super cool 🙂

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