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The Technophobic Me

I was a technophobic individual when I was in 10th standard. I had withdrawn my name from optional vacation computer class then. My point of view was that no computer can be greater than the human brain. I thought it was ridiculous to use an external brain without utilising our own. Being an artist, I could not give better scores for an art drawn by using a computer than what an artist drew by hand. I thought if computer could do everything, what would a man do except being lazy? Where would be the creativity?

Transformation into a Technophile

Later, I pursued my B.Sc Fashion Designing and grew up as a fashion designing professional. I realised, computer cannot be appled in everything, but, it acts like an assistant to our brain most of the times. If an artist has to do everything by his own, a designer has to accomplish his task in a short span of time in a different way. 
A designer can get inspiration from a photograph or an art or a piece of writing or anything. Designer has to sketch in order to get an idea of how the final outcome would be. He has to check different colour-schemes and textures to choose the best one. I have wondered how designing softwares aid to achieve these tasks within minutes! I have even understood how computers assist production in large scales.
When I started to discover the internet world, I was attracted towards its possibilities to connect to the people globally. One day I visited the websites of famous designers and I thought that one day I would have my own page in the World Wide Web.
I made it to start my own page very seriously, when we shifted to Pune. After a long term research of some 5 years, my blogs were ON! I will share this long story some other day.

Blogger Me

As a blogger, I became very busy with new projects, new posts, new fellow bloggers and their interesting blogs, blog followers and their requests, comments and so on. A writer needs to read more than he writes and an artist needs to watch more arts than he creates. 
So, 24 hours a day was not sufficient!

Smart Phone or Tablet?

This question takes me 2 years back. I had lost my mobile phones while coming back from our native. My husband told he would buy a smart phone for me. I had strongly refused as I was very careless about handling mobile phones. My mobile phone had to be the strongest and ought to withstand drop tests by me every now and then 😀 I also have fear/uncomfortable feeling for new things. So, I opted another basic mobile set.
Now, when I am engaged myself in blogging, and after became familiar with my husband’s smart phone; I think it is time to have a better assist. A smart phone can just be used to connect to social networks. I want multi tab option like a tablet. But, a tablet needs to be almost always plugged in for continuous use. I want something more.

My Dream – Smart tablet!

Idea of a smart tablet was taking birth in my mind since a few months. I knew nothing much about tablets when this wish-list was made. I was just imagining solving all the problems I was facing as a blogger and designer.

My smart tablet:

My smart tablet has all the features of a smart phone + all the features of a tablet! I am using GPS, language converter options while travelling in unknown places! GPS helps me to reach my destination and language converter option helps me to converse with the people in their language!

Multi-task and multi-tab option (as in a tablet):

Definitely I will check my blog, awesome posts in my fellow blogger’s blog, Indiblogger and visit social networking sites as my smart tablet is fast with high RAM & high storage capacity.

Long battery life (as in a mobile phone) and solar recharging:

Imagining taking my smart-tablet to my native where irregular long hours power cut is very common and I am charging my smart-phone using solar energy. Hmm, it is an alternative to save electricity!
I am imagining keeping my smart tablet ‘ON’ though out the day just like a mobile phone! How cool!

Typing with a physical keyboard (as in a notebook/net book) attachable and detachable:

Now, I need to type a post or a note. So, I am just attaching the keyboard and enjoying typing.

Stylus Touch Sensor Screen:

I am crazy at nights and all of a sudden I need to scribble my ideas. I need not go in search of a paper. So, let me open my smart-tablet to scribble with stylus which is more eco-friendly than using a paper!

Text to speech and speech to text option:

Sometimes, idea flows fast and my writing becomes slow to grasp it. So, how about this speech to text converter? Or when I do some work, I can go through some notes using text to speech converter? And to be more advanced, how about wearing earplugs and converting what mind thinks into text??? Amazing!

Drawing, designing and photo editing:

I do my creative and editing works for my posts with this fabulous option.

More crazy ideas for my smart tablet:

Light box option (for drawing) and in built printer:

My smart-tablet transforms into a light box when I select a design and enable light box option. Now, I can place a paper over my smart-tablet screen and trace the design! It’s that simple!

SMS/MMS saving through blue tooth:

I always wished if I could save some important text messages from my mobile phone in my PC. It may seem crazy if I say, I want to retain my sister’s messages regarding the pranks of my nephew. But, I don’t find time to write all of them and keep. With my smart-tablet, I can transfer text messages from my phone to my PC! Wow!

In built projector for presentations and for watching movies:

I am a professional. I need to give presentations. So, let me do it with my smart-tablet! And, in my leisure, I can watch a movie too! How crazy!

Smart calculator with unit converters, currency converter, etc

My smart calculator helps me to calculate the measurements in inches and in centimetres.

Smart chart maker and smart calculator:

I can save my clients’ measurements in to the customised measuring charts. I can compare them with the standard measurements! I am doing pricing of the garment/accessory and saving it! Woohooo! I am not maintaining any log books now!

Temperature sensor:

How cold it is! Let me check the temperature! No internet? No problem, I have temperature sensor in my smart-tablet!

Smart Calendar with planner and set reminder option:

What are my works for the day? Let me check in my smart-calendar! Trin! Trin! ‘Submit entry for Betterway’ 😉
‘Trin Trin!’
Oh! It was a dream!

Lenovo Yoga Tablets

Yoga Tablet 10
Yoga Tablet 10 (Click on the image to view larger)

I was happy when I saw Yoga tablets! Because, surprisingly, some of my wishes were already fulfilled!

Lenovo Yoga Tablets already have:

Better grip and better fit with 3 modes – hold mode, stand mode, tilt mode! Wow!

Yoga tablet - Innovative Multimodes
Yoga tablet – Innovative Multimodes

18 hours battery life: Wow! I am too crazy to think of 24 hours or more long life of the battery. But, this is the best ever, that is in Yoga Tablet!

Transform and type: An optional magnetic keyboard can be used to type!

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 - with magnetic keyboard
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 – with magnetic keyboard


Some features of Yoga tablet 8 (with 20.32 Cm display) and 10 (with 25.654 Cm display):

  • Android™ 4.2 Jelly Bean OS – Wow!
  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor – Hmm!
  • Front and rear cameras – I can teach online!
  • HD display with multitouch and IPS technology – Great!
  • Stereo speakers with Dolby® Digital Plus enhancement – Superb!
  • Integrated microphone with noise reduction – Hmm!
  • 16GB storage and micro-SD support. Expandable: the Yoga Tablet’s native 16GB of eMMC storage with up to 64GB micro-SD card storage support for transferring photos or storing large files like movies – Fabulous!
  • Ports: micro-USB, audio jack – Hmm!
  • Connectivity: Wifi+3G – Nice!

 Some additional features of Yoga Tablet 10:

  • 25.654 Cm HD display with multitouch and IPS technology – Wow!
  • Starting at 615g (1.3 lbs) – that is OK 🙂
  • Optional Magnetic keyboard – Hurray!

All the exclamations are of my husband. We are thinking of buying a Yoga Tablet 🙂 But, a second thought, what if we wait till Lenovo fulfil my other wishes too??

Note: This post is submitted to ‘betterway’ contest via Indiblogger and All the photographs are from Lenovo.

About Sindhu

A nature lover and dreamer who expresses herself as an artist, fashion designer and blogger. Persued B.Sc fashion design at Karavali College (Mangaluru University 2003 - 2006) with first rank. Former lecturer for fashion designing at Gloria College, Puttur for five years (2006-2011). Blogger since 2013.


  1. Nicely formatted Sindhu.
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  3. Good post and well structured 🙂 And yes the tab does come useful when you want to read blog posts. You know watch TV and keep reading during the commercial breaks, they are mighty useful for that.

  4. Some of the ideas are interesting… for instance, a tab with a temperature sensor… or a tab used a lightbox… loved them. But a 10 year old technophobic? I thought everyone from the 80s onwards is now a gadget addict! Well, humans never fail to surprise me. 🙂

    Arvind Passey

  5. Some interesting points here…I am pretty sure soon tabs will take over a lot of more functions ..

  6. I have stayed away from Tabs till date! For me the one main thing would be to have a capability for handling my camera memory card. Otherwise it is of no use to to.

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  10. Thank you for your kind words Indrani 🙂 All the best to you too 🙂

  11. Thanks Bhavya, I guess my wishes would be fulfilled in a near future! Thanks and wishing you the same 🙂

  12. Thank you for the encouraging words Seeta 🙂 That's a great idea to watch TV and read posts simultaneously! But, we record programs and watch it skipping all the ads, and if ever I watch live telecast, I do watch the ads 😀

    Will definitely keep your suggestion in mind whenever applicable 🙂

  13. Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for stopping by Arvind 🙂 I am glad you found some of my ideas interesting! Yes, I was a technophobic! Just two years back I had refused to get a smart phone! But, today, gradually changed and in a need to have a better way 🙂

  14. Thank you Prasad, I am glad it was interesting for you! And welcome to my art world 🙂 Hope so too!

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