The Rising Moon!

Rongong Orange coloured moon

Good Evening!
By now, the the Sun has already made way to the moon, let’s just look into the sky to feel this moment! Nature speaks without words!

The Rising Moon

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  1. Lovely did you use a tripod?

  2. Lovely..

    Please do not center your main subject while photographing. Google for "Rule of Thirds in Photography" and you will understand what I mean.


  3. Good try ! Moon is bit difficult object to capture with normal cams. To me this picture is kind of minimalism. Pls note what Rajesh has mentioned. It will certainly help 🙂

  4. Thank you Mridula 🙂 No, I didn't use tripod. I have used dusk/dawn option in my point and shoot camera (Nikon COOLPIX S9100).

  5. Thank you 🙂

    I had read about the 'Rule of Thirds'. But, had a doubt, if that was applicable for this photo in which everything is dark (my camera didn't capture the clouds) except the moon. I have added one more photo to this post which looked OK to me only after adding date and blog address :D. Your suggestions help me grow 🙂 Thank you and please let me know your suggestions for the second photo 🙂

  6. Thank you Indrani 🙂

  7. Thank you Paresh 🙂 Yes, it was very difficult to capture the moon using my point and shoot camera. I could zoom only to this extent, even though I wished more.

    Please look into the second photo (which had been previously defeated in the battle of my mind against my heart) added later and let me know your opinion for the same 🙂 Yes, I feel really lucky to be guided from you all, the masters of photography 🙂

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comment Ankita! Have a nice day!

  9. Serene Sindhu. You've captured the essence of rising moon. Something fluttered within

  10. Great Shot!! you have captured it so beautifully.

  11. Beautiful…mast wala pic!

  12. Welcome to my blog, Anupam! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  13. So sweet of you Bharati 🙂 Thank you so much!

  14. Thank you MS, aap to bade shayar nikle! (I hope I wrote properly in the right sense) My pleasure to have you here in my blog 🙂

  15. Thanks for the visit and your encouraging words Garima 🙂

  16. Thats so grand .. loved it 🙂

  17. you have already scored numerous comments.What i have to add!

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  20. Here is my observation. The moon is sharp and beautiful. The main subject in your picture is Moon – right? The main subject in your picture is just 5% size and your signature is 10% and rest is blank space is 85%. When your main subject is single object, it should take at least 60% space in the frae otherwise your viewer's eyes wander all over the frame except your main subject. Secondly, all the photos are 2D. if you add some objects in the foreground like a building or trees, your viewers see the depth and you get 3D effect..

  21. Serene and peaceful, love the yellow color of the moon, so beautiful! 🙂

  22. This is so beautiful Sindhu 🙂 well captured. The moon looks so ethereal . Amazing ! 🙂

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  26. Thank you so much for your precious words! It is really helpful 🙂 I felt the same that I had to zoom the moon, but, couldn't do so because of limitation of my camera. Thanks again!

  27. HI
    Sindhu Devi Maam,
    Superb u have an photographers eye…..great shots..went through ur blog fantastic..really
    Thanks for sharing
    Bhavikk shah

  28. Lovely Capture 🙂 I like your both blogs.
    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, please check the following link –
    also I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award, please check the following link –

  29. Hi Bhavikk…
    Welcome to my art world 🙂 Thank you so much for your compliments 🙂 I am glad you like my photography 🙂 Have a good day!

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