Vijayadashami & Dassera Wishes!

White Waterlily flowers captured at Sarasbaug, Pune, Maharashtra, India..
Goddess Saraswati’s seat – White Lotus


Vijayadashami or the day of victory is also known as Vidyadashami. It is the day of worshiping the Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati. Vidyadashami is known as the auspicious day to start vidya or education. 


The tenth day of victory of Goddess Durga and Lord Rama, Vijayadashami is celebrated all over India. 

Durga Pooja 

Durga Pooja is celebrated throughout India for nine days. The tenth day is the victory day. Terracruda idols of Durga mata are worshipped in Bengal and Odisha.

Raam Leela 

Ram Leela is the celebration of victory of Lord Rama over Ravan. in Northern India and some parts of Maharashtra, Dassera celebration is dedicated to Ramayana plays and dramas. The effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghanada are burnt on the evening of the tenth day.

Dasara Processions

Mysuru (Mysore) Dasara is famous for Dasara procession-Jamboosavari and Panjina Kavayatu. A colourful procession of Madikeri that has 100 years of history is also famous.

Gombe Habba or Bommala Koluvu or Golu or Kolu

Gombe habba (Karnataka), Bommala Koluvu (Andhra Pradesh), Golu or Kolu (Tamil Nadu) is the festival of doll exhibition.

All the Gods and Goddesses transferred their power to Goddess Durga in order to kill the Rakshasas. So, to respect all the Gods and Goddesses who stood still, doll exhibition is done.

Wishing All A Very Happy Dassera / Vijayadashami.

An eco-freindly floral rangoli for dassera or vijayadashami.

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