Pumpkin Story: Part 2

Have you read the Pumpkin Story yesterday? Here is the second part…
And, there was a female pumpkin bud, too!!!
Finally, I witnessed a female pumpkin bud!

The next day, early in the morning, two of the male buds had bloomed! Flowers were beautiful, or should I say, they were handsome?! 😀 The flowers were bright orange in colour and were attracting bees.
Very beautiful long stalked male pumpkin flowers that attract bees.
The female bud had revealed its orange petals, I thought it might bloom the very next day.

A female pumkin bud showing orange petals, ready to blossom.
Yes! The female bud had bloomed!
Bright orange female pumpkin flower, notice a male flower in the backgroung.
 And it was raining too!
Close-up view of bathed female pumpkin flower
 After two days… I guessed it was fertilised.

The pumpkin flower was fertilized
I watched the fruit growth for a few days. I was waiting to capture the photo. But, somehow, it had fallen down 🙁 I had lost hope of having a pumpkin fruit in my garden…

And, I was busy preparing to go to native. Went and came back along with my parents and my atte (mother-in-law). One day, my amma found a pumpkin fruit in the creeper! Hurray! I was flying in air!

Pumpkin in my hand
It was almost a medium-sized mango in size. Its base had turned yellow because of the heat generated by the wall to which the fruit was clinging. I repositioned the fruit into the inside of pot. 

A pumpkin fruit, yet to ripe.
We all had to go to native again for a week. Last time my darling husband had watered them all with lots of love. But this time I had to think of alternative arrangements. I made some dripping arrangement from plastic bottles for watering my plants. I hoped my dears ones to be safe.

But, still, the plants had turned yellow when we came back 🙁 When I checked the pumpkin, its stalk had dried. So, I had to pluck it unripe. 

I prepared pumpkin kalasu/bendi (a sweet pumpkin curry) along with channa 🙂 Felt very happy for being able to prepare it from home grown 🙂
You may check for the pumpkin kalasu recipe here:

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