Shauri’s Portrait

Portrait Drawing
My nephew Shauri’s second B’day was on July 7th. I was lucky to hear him calling me Chikki-appachi (he knows that chikki and appachi are together 😀 ) on that day. This is my gift on his B’Day.

It has been almost 4-5 years, I seriously drew portraits. So, I had been hesitating a lot to draw him since 4th of this month. I drew the outline 4 days ago, but was not satisfied. Erased everything and started drawing yesterday. I had been only an illustrator for past 5 years. So, it was obvious that I neglect perfection in detailing. I cursed myself several times for doing this. Yesterday, it was very difficult to sit almost for 3 hours shading eyes, nose and lips. I thank God, today I was only an artist not illustrator. I could patiently refine all the parts and minute details! Still I feel a few of lines could be improved.

Oh! Did I show you the reference photo? Here it is… This was photographed on Shauri’s Chikki-appachhi’s Wedding, when he was just 4 months old 🙂


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