What Are The Arts?

Arts are the wonderful creative expressions of the blissful souls. It is the life force in every living being.

Art is in every flower, it is in the singing birds, it is in the humming bees, it is in the laughter of kids, all in the most natural form…

Art is in our enthusiasm, smiles, emotions, thoughts, words and actions when being our true selves. It is in the sun-rays that pamper with warm kisses, it is in the breezing air that tickles, it is in the depth of the sky and the clouds, it is in the lap of Mother Earth, it is in every precious water drop…. I believe, every atom is alive and art is in every object around us. Everything is so artistic and scientific in this entire universe… And everything is so inspiring!

We, the children of Mother Nature, the most intelligent animals on the earth, have developed many art forms to express. Drawing, painting, printmaking, tattooing, crafting, clay-modelling, sculpting, photography, graphic arts, textile designing, fashion designing, acting, dancing, singing, playing instruments, magic, mime, mimicry, puppetry, film-making, writing, architecture, interior decoration, gardening, cooking and so on. What about games and sports? I think, there is an art in playing them. How about the making of ever changing masterpiece of the supreme artist, creation of this incredibly fantastic universe..? We, his replicas, small but awesome dots that appear and disappear, laugh and play, collectively make and add to the beauty of his masterpiece. From small plankton to giant elephant, everyone in the wide spectrum of his creations is unique and special! Wow! We have arts and arts everywhere worth to enjoy and appreciate!

The arts flourish where there is passion. Skills can be acquired, not passion. Passion has to come from within and hence the arts. That’s why, the arts are priceless. Still, some say they have no value; but, some experience and enjoy them as invaluable gifts just as precious as our lives. If we are aware or not, we all treasure one or the other form of arts! Just we have to look within and let that infinite bliss to flow!

Your words make my day!