Cassia Fistula Blooms in Making

Cassia Fistula Flower Buds

Cassia Fistula or golden shower flower buds captured on the way to Pune from Mangaluru, near Hubballi. My dream to capture ‘Konde’ or Cassia Fistula flowers got fulfilled on 20th April 2014. We were traveling from Mangaluru to Pune. I got my first clicks of Golden Shower tree near Udupi. I…

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Nature Flaunts The Tricolour!

Nature Flaunts The Tricolour - East Himalayan Mussaenda, Gold Spot Ginger Lily and White Rain Lily

This piece of write up is about the nature who is celebrating her freedom with we Bharatiyas along with her tricolour parade of the flowers like East Himalayan Mussaenda, White Rain Lily and Gold Spot Ginger Lily. Everyone has individuality. Everyone has a unique expression. Every living being loves to…

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Drizzling Shraavana – ಶ್ರಾವಣದ ಸೋನೆ ಮಳೆ!

Witnessing the drizzles of Shraavana maasa is a delightful sight. Every leaf and every flower smile bathing in the love of Shraavana raindrops. Mother earth peacefully takes in every drop of rain. I enjoyed watching such Shraavana rain in my native on 27th of August. Sharing two of the beautiful…

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Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea – More Pictures, More Details

Common name:Scarlet Flame Bean, West Indian Mountain Rose, Brownea, Rose of Venezuela brownea, cooper hoop, rose of Venezuela, scarlet flame bean. Bengali: supti Marathi: लाल झुंबर lal zumbar Botanical name: Brownea coccinea    Family:Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)Synonyms: Brownea capitella, Brownea latifolia Native to: Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago More about…

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Lal Zumber or Brownea Coccinea

An exciting activity of watching Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea or Scarlet Flame Bean (Caesalpiniaceae Family) flower clusters in orange red colour.   I had been watching a group of small evergreen trees in Aditi garden, Pune, India.   It looked interesting because of their dwarf structure. It was during…

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