Fun Activity – What Do You See?

Fun activity continued – pareidolia, seeing the unseen – a creative sketch of objects seen in day-to-day life on a chips tile picture.

We had seen this picture of chips floor tile last week and had fun seeing an elephant’s image on it. Wikipedia lists this psychological phenomenon as Pareidolia and what Leonardo da Vinci wrote about it is so true!

Today, I came along with the same picture before you. Let’s play again! What else do you see in the picture? Let’s screw up our creative vision!

A creative vision check with a chips tile floor

Creative Vision – What Do You See?

What do you see? Birds? Animals? Human faces? Objects? Hills? I drew some of the objects I saw. Please take a look (click on the images to enlarge) after you make a list of your findings.

Creative Vision - seeing the unseen objects on a chips floor tile. I saw birds, animals, human faces, shoes, etc. Drew some of them.  

Some of our imagination may match some may not. It totally depends upon individuals. I would love to know what do you see. I am curious to know how imagination works differently from person to person. Please write to me the list of things you saw in the picture. Will you? Thanks!


  1. Seeing the unseen! Poet John Keats wrote: Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.

  2. Happy New year Sindhu

Your words make my day!