Fun Activity – Do You See The Elephant?

About a fun act by a toddler, seeing the unseen, a creative sketch of an elephant on a chips tile picture and significance of creative vision in personality development.

 See… An Elephant!

“Aayi…!!!”, thrilled Vallabhi showed me something on the floor. It was an amazing moment when I realized what it was! The two year old was showing me a small black spot (of about one square cm size) on a chips tile identifying ‘Aane’ (Kannada) – an elephant shape in it!

A creative view - Elephant picture on chips tiles floor

Do You See The Elephant?

This happened yesterday. Immediately after the toddler slept, I took photo of the elephant on the floor. I opened the image in Adobe Photoshop Sketch app, reduced opacity and drew the elephant over it. I modified some lines to get refined shapes. I don’t usually trace while drawing. But, this is for you to check out.

Elephant Image on the chips tiles

The Elephant!

I drew one more elephant with some modifications. I curled the trunk and changed the tail. What else would I expect from me 😛

Fingertip Digital Art of an elephant seen on Chips Tiles - Creative vision

I came to know recently that such ‘seeing the unseen’ activities are known as Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon representing creative vision, when I saw arts created by an artist. I was surprised about my daughter’s creative vision when she showed me this elephant. I have been seeing images in things around me since my childhood and my daughter does the same too. May be, most of the kids (I believe, every grown ups too) have such creative vision that is hidden (just like the love for drawing) somehow while growing up?

Creative Vision And Personality Development 

Creative vision keeps our brain active in a fun way. Imagination skill and memory develop with such activities. Not to forget, we stay curious and confident being creative. Seeing the unseen is the key to develop the art of problem solving.

       Do you see pictures on random things around you? Or do you have a kid at home who identifies shapes on random objects? How do you encourage them to explore creativity within? I believe, the creativity flows everywhere and we all have it within. We just need to let it spring. It doesn’t matter which profession we are into, creativity keeps our originality alive. If not, we would just be robots. What’s your opinion?

P.S: Words of Leonardo da Vinci in the Wikipedia link updated above about Pareidolia are inspiration to artists.

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  1. Vallabhi is a child prodigy.

    • So kind of you, SG 🙂 I believe, every child is a prodigy. And, there is a child within everyone of us. We, as a society have the responsibility to protect that originality.

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