Playing Kids – Digital Art

A digital art of playing kids created using Adobe Photoshop Sketch app.

A digital art of kids in the nature playing with a ball. This art is drawn using Adobe Photoshop Sketch app in my fingertip.



I thought of drawing something different this time. Nature is my favourite subject. So, I decided this post will be with a landscape drawing.

There was no prior plan when I opened Adobe Photoshop Sketch app in my ASUS ZenPad. I started with a tree. Drew two more trees. Now I know how to use layers. So, I drew the trunks and branches in another layer. Then I drew the green grass. I added the land in another layer at the back. I drew the details of blue sky, mud house, flying birds and kids separately in different layers. Sky is in the bottom most layer. Entire work is done with my fingertip. Probably, I could add more details with a graphic stylus.

Adding more layers made loading and saving the project slower. I didn’t merge the layers when the work is complete. May be merging would increase the loading speed.

This is a simple drawing. I believe, the flying birds and playing kids gives life to this art. Hope you enjoy looking at the playing kids!

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