Mysore Dasara – Creative Word Art

A creative word art depicting symbolic representation of ‘Mysore Dasara’ in a greeting card drawn using Adobe Photoshop Sketch app.

Navaratri is special to Karnataka because of the world famous Mysore Dasara. Cultural city Mysore gets busy with Dasara from the first day of Navaratri. The celebration continues till the tenth day i.e., Vijayadashami. Devi Chamundeshwari’s Jamboo Savari is the main attraction on this day.

This year, Vijayadashami falls on 30th of September 2017 as we know. On the eve of Karnataka’s Naadahabba, Desi Abhivyakti presents a ‘Mysore Dasara’ word art greeting card. The words ‘Mysore’ and ‘Dasara’ are doodled as Mysore palace and as elephant head respectively. Hope you love to find out the letters.

A creative word art greeting card depicting 'Jamboosavari of mysore Dasara'. Mysore palace is drawn with word 'Mysore' and elephant head with word 'Dasara'. An Adobe Photoshop Sketch app creation.

This Navaratri and Mysore Dasara greeting card is drawn with the help of Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. In my previous word art, I tried to understand the pens. Now I am getting used to the app. I experimented with ruler and shapes this time. Making layers invisible/visible eases working. I learned to resize the drawings in different layers. It is so wonderful to see the layers separately in the previously saved projects. Found ‘redo’ option somehow on the screen but yet to understand the way to do it. To sum up, I am loving, loving and loving it!

Note: The Mysore palace pictured in this word art is symbolic representation only. Drawing a more realistic one in future is in my wishlist.

Once again, Wishing You All A Very Happy Dasara! May the primordial power strengthen us.

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