Teachers’ Day Doodle

A Kannada doodle on the occasion of Teachers’ Day along with thoughts on education, learning and personality.

It is amazing how education builds our personality. It is not only the formal education but, it is also what we observe and adapt. Every soul we meet in the journey of life influences us. Each happening collectively molds us. Life keeps sculpting us. And learning keeps us alive.

Recreation of a 20 year old doodle (word art) drawn using vowel ‘ಅ’ (‘a’ in Kannada) depicting a human face. This word art symbolises how literacy and education help us grow as human beings with unique personalities.

I had drawn my first doodle (word art) using vowel ‘ಅ’ (‘a’ in Kannada) to make a human face. It was drawn almost 20 years ago when I was in 7th standard. I recreated this doodle for my daughter on her slate on 25.04.2017. The doodle is now making me thoughtful. The doodle seems giving a message. It is symbolizing how literacy and education help us grow as human beings with unique personalities. The human face formed by letter represents importance of learning in life.

Animated GIF with scribbles of Vallabhi and Teachers' Day wishes

The animated GIF above is with scribbles of my daughter Vallabhi. I love to see how persistently she refines her skills. Kids are great source of inspiration!

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day (birthday of Bharata’s 2nd President of Bharata/India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan), expressing my gratitude to all my teachers. I m thankful to all who influence and inspire me, to create an updated and better me. Happy Teachers’ Day!

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