Shri Ganesha’s Word Art in Kannada

Ganesh Chaturthi festival greetings with a word art Rangoli of Bal Ganesh in Kannada

Kannada is a beautiful language to speak, to read and to write. It is the first language I had learn to write. The first doodles and word arts I had seen in Kannada magazines were drawn in Kannada. Hence, it was obvious that I had drawn my first word art in Kannada.

I designed a Lord Ganesha’s word art in English last week. A thought came to mind, why not give a try in Kannada too? The arts blessed me. As a result, Desi Abhivyakti is before you with a bonus art post this festival week.

A Lord Ganesha's word art by DeSi in Kannada with term GaNapa. 'Ga'forms crown base; 'Na' outlines entire head with ear, face and trunk; 'pa' covers the right leg.

This Rangoli is done in a reverse style as that of Oil outline method. The surface where Rangoli is to be made, is covered with Rangoli powder using a sieve. Sieving helps even spreading of the Rangoli powder. On this, the design is drawn with a suitable stick. the technique is to uncover the areas where design forms exposing the contrast floor colour. I used a pen tip while making this small word art. I chose a dark magenta coloured Rangoli powder to draw over a white surface.

This Shri Ganesha’s doodle (word art) is designed with Ganesha’s another name ‘GaNapa’ in Kannada. ‘Ga’ forms Ganesha’s crown base; ‘Na’ outlines entire head including right ear, face and trunk; and ‘pa’ covers the right leg.

Lord Ganesha is the favourite of the artists. He is the Lord of the arts. It is fun drawing him again and again. Did you have fun reading and watching this Bal Ganesh? May the Little Ganesha bless us always! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you!

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