Shri Ganesha’s Word Art

A word art Rangoli of Lord Shri Ganesha in English is done using a traditional technique on the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi

I drew my first doodle (word art) when I was in 7th standard. I used to make word arts a lot then. May be because I was attracted to landscapes drawing and portrait drawing, I stopped it. I was thinking of entertaining my toddler and suddenly remembered the forgotten skill. Since then, I am asking almost everyday if Amma has seen my old drawing book. And I have started creating word arts again. Recently I showed you the new logo of Desi Abhivyakti, it was designed by me.

Desi Abhivyakti is presenting the new doodle (word art) Rangoli of Shri Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi. You can read English word “GANESH’ in the word art. This Rangoli is made using a traditional technique of decorating Aarti plates. The method involves sprinkling of Rangoli powder on the oil drawn surface. A sieve can be used to create even spreading of the Rangoli powder. Dusting off the excess Rangoli powder results beautiful print-like Rangoli. I used rice flour as the Rangoli powder in this Shri Ganesha word art.

An English word art of Lord Ganesha by DeSi.

In this word art, ‘G’ makes the right ear of Ganeshji. Right eye is shaped by ‘a’. ‘n’ makes the head and left ear. Ganesha’s right hand is made by ‘e’. Letter ‘s’ forms his trunk and ‘h’ finds a place in his left leg. Hope you like the drawing and enjoy finding out the letters in the word art.

Wishing all the readers of Desi Abhivyakti a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi in advance. May everyone be safe. Our prayers are with the victims of flood in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. May the situation gets better soon!


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