Nature Flaunts The Tricolour!

This piece of write up is about the nature who is celebrating her freedom with we Bharatiyas along with her tricolour parade of the flowers like East Himalayan Mussaenda, White Rain Lily and Gold Spot Ginger Lily.

Everyone has individuality. Everyone has a unique expression. Every living being loves to enjoy freedom. Our freedom is upheld time to time by different motivative forces. It’s somebody’s mercy, our life is beautiful!

One such motivative forces is the mother nature. As we know, the mother nature is the reason for life on the earth. She has been nurturing life since time unknown. She has a plan. She has set seasons. She knows when what should be done for the life to be pleasant here. She has developed a biodiversity and maintains it through food chains. And, she needs this freedom to balance life here. If any intrusions she observes, she knows to deal with them to keep up with her plan. Probably, she is the first freedom fighter!

Nature smiles through her creations inspiring us. And, it is amusing to see our pride, the tricolour, in nature while we Bharatiyas are celebrating our freedom on 15th of August every year. Did you notice the tricolour parade in the nature too? Come, let’s see some of them I saw.

East Himalayan Mussaenda Flower - small deeo orange flower with enlarged white sepal and green leaves - bears the colours of the tricolour (Indian national flag)

A wild shrub, East Himalayan Mussaenda (known as Bellante in Dakshina Kannada) with its small bright orange flowers, enlarged white sepals and large green leaves reminds me of our tricolour flag. I troubled my parents a lot for getting these flowers clicked as wild plants are rare to find now a days.

White Rain Lily Flower - with 6 green based white petals, orange coloured stamens and white pistil - the plant showcases the tricolour of the Indian national flag

Then I looked for other plants with colours of Indian national flag. My Amma’s garden showed me the White Rain Lily. The bulbous green plant wore a six petaled white flower with orange coloured stamens and a white pistil. With the green grass like leaves, the plant shows the colours of a tricolour flag.

Gold Spot Ginger Lily Flower - the green plant with the golden spotted white petals having orange anther - shows the tricolour scheme of Indian national flag

There is a plant of Naama Sugandhi (Gold Spot Ginger Lily) in my Amma’s garden. It was very tricky to capture the pictures. Yet, I managed to click some photos of the tricolour flower. The flowers are white in colour with golden orange spots at the bases of the petals. The anther is also orange coloured. With the green receptacles and very large green coloured leaves at the background, the plant proudly exhibits the tricolour.

These green friends seem to be cuddling the mother nature and thanking her for their life. It seems, they know the reason for their blooming is nature’s love and will for fostering biodiversity.

Nature Flaunts The Tricolour - East Himalayan Mussaenda, Gold Spot Ginger Lily and White Rain Lily

Tricolour in nature may be just a coincidence. But, can we forget the freedom lessons mother nature teaches?

Happy independence day ! May the mother nature give us knowledge to respect everyone’s freedom. May we celebrate our true selves! May we all gain knowledge to celebrate life without hurting anyone! Wish you all a very happy independence day!


No rain and heavy rain are the two issues that are troubling many states of Bharat now. It is the time to create a political will for environmental concerns. It is the time to listen to mother nature.

And, this is the first Happy 15th August for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

May the Tricolour inspire us and guide us to a prosperous and peaceful life. Saluting the selfless soldiers who are rescuing people from floods and those who are protecting us at the borders. Happy Independence Day to all!

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