Starting Afresh…

That morning, when the earth quaked, the world shook. People from around the world prayed, directly or indirectly extended helping hands for the sufferers of earthquake in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Tibet. What else can we do instead of praying, ‘Mother Earth, please take turns in such a way that your children are safe…

Things are not much improved since the earthquake has happened. And the earth is still quaking. There is a saying in kannada, ಕುಂಬಾರನಿಗೆ ವರುಷ, ದೊಣ್ಣೆಗೆ ನಿಮಿಷ‘ (kumbAranige varusha, doNNege nimisha) that means, ‘A potter’s work takes an year but baton finishes its work within a minute’. How true! Experts say, it may take about 10 years to rebuild Nepal, the country that got affected the most. But, the news about optimistic earthquake sufferers makes us hopeful too.
Sunrays peeping through the leaves - Photograph taken at Kodla, Near Uppinangady, Dakshina Kannada
We are Hopeful of Starting Afresh!

Just being hopeful doesn’t work. We need to think. Is it the first time earth is quaking like this? What our ancestors did for protection from earthquakes? What are the scientific ways of constructing buildings? By saying scientific, we have to remember, we shouldn’t stick to modern technologies alone. We need to recall the science of our ancestors that was/is/will be closely connected to nature.

We also need to think… What for we are keeping delusion about our external looks and worldly possession? Will they actually matter? Do they actually belong to us? We definitely need to think… Let us be hopeful of spring in the bare branches of our hearts… Let us be hopeful…
Spring Time - flowers on the bare twigs - Photography at Aditi Garden, Pune
We are Hopeful of Spring…

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  1. Natural disasters! As much as they frighten, like you I do wonder how with all such high level techs available now we are not able to save people in time. Yes, our ancient ancestors can sense danger through weather changes, plants and through animal sounds….but where are those knowledge gone 🙁 ..just hoping for the better.

  2. Very devastating. Let us make our humble contribution, whatever we can afford, to help the victims.

  3. A beautiful post, Sindhu. We indeed need to think, and act along with hope.

  4. A very beautiful and touching post Sindhu .It is the need of the hour… loved your images as always .. wonderful they speak volumes when combined with your narration .
    Specially in this post these images are ..symbolic and eloquent !
    Love n Hugs dear friend 🙂

  5. Touching.. life blooms with hope.. beautiful post and photos.
    A Rat's Nibble

  6. Hope is the word… Nice words and amazing pics…

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