Welcome 2015!

Time has come to change the calendar!
Wasn’t it yesterday we did it?
 Time files!
Time has come to change only the calendar
But, memories are to cherish!
May the new year heal all the bad experiences the world had…
May every living being be happy 🙂
Wish You All A Very Happy New Calendar Year 2015!
Announcing a happy news for handicraft lovers!
I am taking orders for jewellery making hereafter!

More details will be coming soon @ my fashion blog Tantu

About Sindhu

A nature lover and dreamer who expresses herself as an artist, fashion designer and blogger. Persued B.Sc fashion design at Karavali College (Mangaluru University 2003 - 2006) with first rank. Former lecturer for fashion designing at Gloria College, Puttur for five years (2006-2011). Blogger since 2013.


  1. Wish you good luck and all the best in your business venture.

  2. A very happy new year to you toooo and all the best with everything


  3. Thank you very much for your encouraging words SG 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  4. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Thanks for your wishes Bikram 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  5. That's wonderful, Sindhu!
    Happy for your initiative.
    Do take up Kurta/Bedsheet etc artwork/painting designs. Will have takers.
    You should advertise too.
    Do have an excusive blog-post with some pics of you creative works along with your contact details.
    Post on IB & share on Social Media sites. Your Blogger-friends like yours truly can also help you promote!
    Best wishes!
    HNY! Cheers 🙂

  6. Thank you dear 🙂 Your words are really encouraging 🙂
    Yes dear, I have it in mind that you said in my Ganesha's pen drawing 🙂 I may take some more time to come to garment designing… But, surely, will do it. Hey, if you need any painted textiles, I am open to take custom orders.
    Hmm, sure! This is the first poster 🙂 More coming soon!
    Thank you for being with 🙂
    HNY 2 U too 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  7. Wishing you a very happy new year Sindhu :)..

  8. Wow What Awesome news I have missed !! HNY Sindhu and Best of Luck !! Now I am reading the posts of an entrepreneur … eh ! Loving it dear 🙂

  9. Thank you Vinay 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  10. Thank you Kokila 🙂 Ohho!!! Entrepreneur is a big word, I am still starting from scratch… Thank you so much for your love dear, it means a lot to me 🙂
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  11. Many congratulations. I will suggest it to my friends back home.

  12. Thank you Saru for your support 🙂 So kind of you! TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  13. Very happy new year to you! Wish you many sales!

  14. Thank you, Indrani 🙂 Hmm, many sales means many more works for me 🙂 So, yes! I expect the same!
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  15. loved your art works…keep it up !

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