Pyara Tiranga sings…

Pyara Tiranga (Beloved Tricolour) is flown and is waving across India… Feeling the light and warmth that our Rashtriya Dhwaja (national flag) radiates around… 
Can you also hear the songs Tiranga is singing?
It is singing the songs about Indian treasures of textiles and spices and wealth… about all the greedy invaders… about the kind Indians and how their kindness was misused…
The flying flag is also singing the stories of PraTama SwAtantrya SangrAma (The First Freedom Fight of 1857) that shook the invaders…
The stories of the legends are still ringing in my ears…  
Tears are falling down recalling the memories of partition of the nation that no one wanted but few selfish people…
I am also able to hear the song about how we have survived through Macaulay-ism till today…
I am also able to hear the firm voices that are trying to come out of ugliness and negativity… I am able to feel their will to breakthrough. Let this Swatantra (independence) shine with the light within…
The Pyara tiranga… Let it fly high!

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ನಿಮಗೂ ಕೇಳುತ್ತಿದೆಯಾ ತ್ರಿವರ್ಣಧ್ವಜ ಗುನುಗುತ್ತಿರುವುದು? ಕೇಳಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆಯಾ, ಬೌದ್ಧಿಕ ಹಾಗೂ ಅಶನ-ವಸನಾದಿ ಸಂಪತ್ತುಗಳ ಗತವೈಭವದ ಹಾಡು? ಕಾಣಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆಯಾ, ಮಾನವತೆಯ ಅತ್ಯುಚ್ಛ ಮಟ್ಟದ ನಾಗರೀಕತೆಯ ಜಾಡು? ತನ್ನಂತೆ ಇತರ ಉತ್ತಮರೆಂದು ಬಗೆದು ಮೋಸಹೋದ ಸಜ್ಜನಭಾರತೀಯರ ಕಥೆಗಳು ಕೇಳಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆಯಾ ನಿಮಗೂ? ಮನ:ಪಟಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಮೂಡುತ್ತಿದೆ ದಾಸ್ಯಕಳಚಲು ಕಚ್ಚೆಕಟ್ಟಿನಿಂತ ವೀರಾಗ್ರಣಿಯರ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳು… ಕಿವಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ರಿಂಗಣಿಸುತ್ತಿವೆ ಪರಕೀಯರ ಗುಂಡಿಗೆಗಳನ್ನು ಅಕ್ಷರಶ: ನಡುಗಿಸಿದ ಪ್ರಥಮ ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ ಸಂಗ್ರಾಮದ ಕಥೆಗಳು… ಬೆರಳೆಣಿಕೆಯಷ್ಟು ಇದ್ದ ಅಧಿಕಾರದಾಹಿಗಳ ಸಂಚು ದೇಶ ಒಡೆದು, ಜನರ ಕಣ್ಣೀರಾಗಿ-ರಕ್ತವಾಗಿ ಹರಿದಿರುವುದು ಮನವನ್ನು ಕಾಡುತ್ತಿದೆ… ಮೆಕಾಲೆಇಸಮ್ ನೊಂದಿಗೆ ಇಂದಿನವರೆಗೂ ಹೋರಾಡುತ್ತಿರುವ ಆತ್ಮಾಭಿಮಾನ, ಋಣಾತ್ಮಕತೆಯನ್ನು ಭೇದಿಸಿ ಹೊರಬರಲು ಕಾತರಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆ… 
ಕತ್ತಲಲ್ಲಿದ್ದದ್ದು ಸಾಕು, ಹಣತೆ ಹಚ್ಚೋಣ ಅಲ್ಲವೇ? ತಪ್ಪುಗಳಿಂದ ಪಾಠ ಕಲಿಯೋಣ ಅಲ್ಲವೇ? ಹೆಮ್ಮೆಯ ತ್ರಿವರ್ಣಧ್ವಜ ಎತ್ತರೆತ್ತರ ಹಾರಲಿ ಅಲ್ಲವೇ?

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A nature lover and dreamer who expresses herself as an artist, fashion designer and blogger. Persued B.Sc fashion design at Karavali College (Mangaluru University 2003 - 2006) with first rank. Former lecturer for fashion designing at Gloria College, Puttur for five years (2006-2011). Blogger since 2013.


  1. Happy Independence Day. Indians should have kicked the British out of India, just like the Americans did.

  2. Happy Independence Day to You too SG 🙂 Yes, we should have done that! But, may be that is our greatness to have sent them back with dignity. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving your valuable time for TAAM 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  3. Your words are so full of love and dedication for the country and the Tiranga. Thanks so much for this beautiful post, Sindhu!

  4. Amen. May our pyara Tiranga fly high.
    Very nicely shared, Sindhu. Yes, our Tiranga sings songs about all our brave countrymen & women who sacrificed themselves…

  5. Hi
    Wow, you told entire history with your words truelly siad….Our India will Lead the world for sure….
    Thanks for this beautiful article
    Have a great day Ahead
    Bhavikk Shah

  6. That is such a beautiful click Sindhu. Happy belated Independence day 🙂

  7. Very touching.
    Lovely post. Greetings to you!

  8. Happy Independence Day Sindhu and thanks for sharing a lovely song !

  9. A beautiful post Sindu. For some reason I was missing out on your posts. Now i have subscribed with an alternate ID. Hope I should be able to follow up regularly from now 🙂 .

    I loved the use of kannada bit in the end, being a huge fan of literature, this one bit has an extraordinary impact 🙂

  10. Beautiful post dear. Lovely capture of our Tiranga 🙂 Happy Independence day 🙂

  11. Great post and belated greetings to you. Bahala channagide Sindhooo.

  12. The english part of the post is beautiful enough as well as the mention of our beloved Tricolour to make the post memorable … though could not understand the other language 🙁 Its Kannada I think ..

  13. The tricolor…
    Always invokes pride.
    Loved the click!

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