Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea – More Pictures, More Details

Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea - Single Flower

Common name:Scarlet Flame Bean, West Indian Mountain Rose, Brownea, Rose of Venezuela brownea, cooper hoop, rose of Venezuela, scarlet flame bean.
Bengali: supti
Marathi: लाल झुंबर lal zumbar
Botanical name: Brownea coccinea    Family:Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)
Synonyms: Brownea capitella, Brownea latifolia
Native to: Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago
More about Lal Zumber (Scarlet Flame Bean):
This is a small tropical evergreentree.
Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea - Evergreen Trees

Leaves are pinnately compound. Sometimes, interesting is to notice pink-brown young leaflets at the tip of the branches.

Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea - Unique Pink Leaves

These are burst open from a long pod like structure.

Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea - Pod from which Unique Pink Leaves Borne

Flowering starts by early spring and continues throughout the spring.

Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea Flower Bud
Lal Zumbar – Flower Bud
Flowers are borne in large orange-red clusters.

Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea Flowers Blooming
Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea Flowers Blooming
Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea Flower Cluster
Lal Zumbar or Brownea Coccinea Flower Cluster

Flowers appear mostly beneath foliage mostly on older branches unlike other Browneas. Fruit is a woody pod about 6 inch long and 5.2 inch broad.

I am not sure about the following structure… Please note the green curly structures… Are they fruits? (Excuse me for a bad picture)

Lal Zumbar or Brownea coccinea Fruits?

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