Octopus Tree Berries

Octopus Tree Berries - Schefflera actinophylla at Aditi Garden, Pune, IN
Octopus tree Berries – These are the favourite berries of many birds and animals!
Common Names: Octopus Tree, Queensland Umbrella Tree, Brassaia and amate
Botanical name: Schefflera actinophylla    Family: Araliaceae (Aralia family)
Native to northern Australia and south-eastern New Guinea
More about Octopus Tree: 
Tropical evergreen shrub with multiple trunks. Grows 12m-15m in height in mild to warm climates. Popular as a decorative indoor plant. Compound leaves that radiate from a stalk resulting in umbrella like structure. Hence the name Umbrella tree. Leaves are the favourite food of Bennett’s Tree-Kangaroos.
Flowering period is from early summer to fall. Octopus like inflorescence with 10-20 racemes (long stalks) bearing up to 1000 nectar-richsmall dull red flowers. Flowers attract birds. Dark berries appear later on. The fruits are eaten by many birds and animals including musky rat-kangaroos, red-legged pademelons and spectacled flying foxes

Octopus Tree Berries - Schefflera actinophylla at Aditi Garden, Pune, IN
Octopus Tree – I had thought I was capturing flowers, but, they were actually fruits! Wish I could see the flowers some day!
It was early spring days, when I clicked this unique plant at Aditi Garden, Pune. It is only when I looked for its details I realised that it is a fruit! I am sure I tell this always, but, still can’t control myself appreciating the creativity of nature! Wish I had been more patient to click them better!
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  1. lol, i thought they were flowers.

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  3. Beautiful berries. You have a good eye for nature's beauty – flowers, fruits, foliage 🙂

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  6. For me too this was a first, I didn't know about this beautiful tree. Have you ever tried cropping your pictures?

  7. Superb. I am seeing these for the first time. But a real feast for the eyes. I enjoyed all the pictures

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  10. Sindhu, Really nice that you know the names of so many flowers.
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  16. Thank you for stopping by Mridula 🙂 Yes, I crop pictures… First picture is cropped one. I wanted to show the leaves in the second one, so didn't crop it. Hmm, that twig peeping out in the first pic could have been cropped, isn't it?

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