Are You Playing Eco-friendly Holi This Year?

Holi, festival of colours, falls on this Sunday. People buy artificial colours that may be harmful on skin. I didn’t know that natural colour preparation for Holi is damn easy! I thank wikipedia for giving information on traditional i.e., eco-friendly and healthy Holi colours. Inspired by the wiki article, I would love to share some of the natural Holi colours with some photos from my collection.

Natural Holi Colours

First two colours are already known to every Indian! They are turmeric and vermilion. These two colours can be used in powder form as well as liquid form.

Few common sources of yellow and orange tones are – some types of chrysanthemum flowers, marigold flowers and bilva or bael fruit. These are crushed and used in liquid form.
Natural Holi Colours - Yellow & Orange tones - Chrysanthemun, Marigold and Bael Fruita
Chrysanthemum, Marigold and Bael fruit are natural sources of yellow and orange shades.
Who doesn’t know that beetroot’s stain stays on our body for long? How couldn’t we think of using beetroot for playing Holi!
Natural Holi Colours -  Magenta & Purple - Beetroot
Boiled Beetroot Water is used for Magenta & Purple colours
Some of the Indian berries could be used to get blue colour for Holi.
Natural Holi Colours - Blue - Jamun Fruit
Jamun Fruit can be used to make blue coloured water for Holi
This time make black tea to prepare brown coloured liquid.
Natural Holi Colours - Tea Leaves
Did you know, brown coloured water obtained from boiled tea leaves are best to replace artificial brown colour?

 Green! How could we forget the most favourite colour of nature, green!
Natural Holi Colours - Green - Wheat Grass
Wheat grass is a great source of green!
Natural Holi Colours - Green - Gulmohar
Dried Leaves of Gulmohar tree can be used to play holi.
What are you thinking for this Holi? Will you make it eco-friendly?

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  1. that is a nice idea sindhu.. 🙂 I wish there was something which does not stain the clothes.. I know beetroot and grapes does..

  2. Amazing post dear 🙂 loved reading it. Hope many will implement it !

  3. Thank you dear 🙂 Yes, the main drawback is that they stain the clothes. But, anyways, surf Excel hai na! 😀 I think vanish would also help…

    But, losing a dress is OK for the sake of health, what say?

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