False Dandelion

False Dandelion or Hawk's Beard fruits or seeds

False Dandelion Fruits or Seeds
 Who doesn’t know Dandelion after they become famous as wallpapers? Once I spotted some flying seeds and was attracted by them. After almost two months ago, I found these more gorgeous seeds. I did Google search and came to know that they were Dandelions. Today, when I checked for more details, I realised that these are False Dandelions which we can find in India.
False Dandelion or Hawk's Beard Seeds
Do you know, there are many False Dandelion types?
Both Dandelion and False Dandelions belong to family Asteraceae and. Some of them are called as Hawk’s Beards, some are Hawkweeds and some others are Hawkbits. Original, I mean, dandelion is edible. Usually these are yellow in colour. There are white dandelions in Japan and there are red seeded dandelions. A Russain dandelion produces rubber it seems!
False Dandelion or Hawk's Beard Flower and leaves

The false dandelion, which I spotted, had bright yellow flowers with some dark spots in the centre. The leaves were with spiny blades. Exact identification is not known yet.
False Dandelion or Hawk's Beard Flower With Dark Spots

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IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community

IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community

IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community

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  1. These macros are so beautiful Sindhu ! The colors look so vivid 🙂

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  21. Amazing click Sindhu. The first two shots remind me of something with which we used to play as childen. We used to call it बूढ़े के बाल.

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