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This day that year, I mean in the year of 2011, I moved to Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. 

It was a day journey with a load of my belongings (double of that load was waiting its turn :D); along with my husband, my amma and my tamma (younger brother). It was my second visit to Bengaluru, after my stay there in the year 2006 for my internship. I had no special feelings for this city as I love nature very much than the cities. But, since my husband worked in Bengaluru, I had no other option than dreaming of going back to our native at the earliest.

Waving my beloved atte and mava (in-laws) with heavy hearts, we started early in the morning. We took a brunch break at Sakaleshpur and continued our travel through the wonderful Shiradi ghat. When we reached near our destination, I was feeling sick looking at the buildings especially after staying for about 20 days in a typical green village, Mambady, my husband’s place where I enjoyed the love of my in-laws. Of course, feeling very sad about leaving my native but my amma was with me then.

We reached our rented house by 4 o’ clock. Everything was set there as my husband had been self-cooking and had all the cooking utensils ready. We prepared hejje (ganji anna) for the evening, even though had evening snacks at a restaurant.


Being new to the city, I was even feeling uncomfortable to go to the terrace or to go for a walk. Slowly I was adjusting as my amma was also with me. Tamma had returned to his hostel the next day itself. Venu was back to work.


The next weekend, we were in Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The first visit to Lalbagh is always remembered when I think of this day, that year 🙂 More about Lalbagh in the next week 🙂 For now, enjoy an evening shot taken at Lalbagh lake.

Lalbagh Lake, Lalbagh Botanical Garden in the evening when the sun is already set
Lalbagh Lake, Lalbagh Botanical Garden

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  1. Ah! That picture of Lal Bagh Botanic Garden is heavenly! This post is wrapped with nostalgia. Beautifully penned.

  2. The picture is a beauty! And waiting to read more about your account of Bangalore.

  3. I am sure you love Bangalore now. 🙂

  4. its a beautiful picture 🙂 and i understand how u must have felt. i was going through the same feelings when i moved away from home and started living here with my husband. at first i din't even have the courage to speak to strangers 😀 hehe .. i love the way you've described all ur emotions.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo.

  6. Thanks Bhavya! Yes, it is a heavenly place and indispensable part of our memories with our Bangalore memories 🙂 I am glad you like this post 🙂

  7. Thanks Mridula! Your comments mean a lot and lot to me 🙂

  8. Hmm! You caught me! Yes, for its green gardens and for being very near to my native hours (we realised 6 hours journey from Bangalore is nothing compared to 24-20 hours journey from Pune) too 🙂

  9. After all, only a girl can understand a girl's feeling especially while moving away from home after marriage. Same pinch! I am honoured by your compliments 🙂

  10. Thank you 🙂 It was an awesome view!

  11. Many people have suggested me to move to Bangalore after I complete my Eng. degree 😀 Confirmed now!

  12. It's always difficult to adjust to life in a new city . Glad your family was there to support you 🙂 I loved the shot of lalbagh.. It's beautiful !

  13. He he 😀 But, beware of heavy traffic 😀 You have to choose your location so that you enjoy nature 🙂 BTW, welcome to my blog Anil! I am glad you like Blr 🙂

  14. Yes dear 🙂 Thanks for the compliment 🙂

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