Wild Beauty: Vernonia cinerea

Good morning friends! Another weekend has come. What’s your plan for this winter morning? If nothing, come on! Join me!

I found this tiny wild herb at our apartment garden. Those pink flowers you are viewing below is very attractive, but visible only to the camera eye! I was dragged towards this plant because of the awesome seeds that were burst open and ready to fly!
Vernonia cinerea ,Fleabane - pink flowers that are visible to camera only
You can see the flying seeds in the picture below.
Flowers and flying seeds of Vernonia cinerea (Fleabane)
Vernonia cinerea (Fleabane) is the name of this plant. This is called as Eli Kemi in Dakshina Kannnada, Karnataka. Eli means rat, and kemi means ears. The reason for this name is unknown. But, this plant is used in making Tambuli (a cooling curry prepared in Dakshina Kannada).
Vernonia cinerea (Fleabane) plant with flowers and flying seeds.

I had captured a few Flying Seeds of Vernonia cinerea (Fleabane). 

Now tell me, isn’t it nice to be in the nature?

Note: Plant identification by Om Prakash Vidyarthi, Indian Flora

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