When I Met Mr. ZeRo!

Celebrating our second wedding anniversary on 13th November with our Platinum Day of Love (link) with   this   love  story ‘When I Met Mr. ZeRo’. Our story begins with hatred and misinterpretations that finally lead into a dramatic change in both of our lives.

Zero symbol handsign with polka dot background.
When I Met Mr. ZeRo

“Listen! I will tell you what happened that day!”

“You mean, when you met Mr. Zero?”
Venu, my husband, opens his ears to me. I was already back to Chaandra Yugadi – 4thof April, 2011…
“Yes, he was expected to come to meet me on that day. I hated him because, he was a software engineer and ‘yakshagana(link) artist. Yes, as most of them and I believed, a yakshagana artist/software engineer has ready access to all the bad habits…”
“More shocking was that he did not have a facebook account at all!”
“Old thinking!”
“Somehow my brother-in-law had succeeded in getting his photo from internet. It was a photo taken at a yakshagana program. We struggled to find him out in the photo! There were many senior citizens and one college student (we assumed). Out of the extreme age groups there was a person, who sat in the centre. We guessed it was him. He looked like a middle aged man. But, his look is secondary.”
“Really?”, Venu started to kindle me.
“Yes, really! If a 28 year old guy looks like 38 means? That was our situation. He seemed to be a person with old/orthodox thoughts. He appeared to be an antonym of my expectations.”
Venu smiles.
“My expectation was much idealistic. I didn’t expect my man to be a very handsome hero nor extremely rich. I wished my life partner to complement my shy and introvertnature. The most I love is my self-respect. So, obviously, I wished him to respect me, my profession and my dream of living for arts. I wished him to be friendly, easy going; and especially to be humorous as I had negative marks in this category :D. I wished him to be honest, truthful and lovable like every girl dreams… and the list continues. I know, I was highly idealistic. Well, we can dream anything and everything!  When comes to realty, we would have to compromise a lot, that’s all. I was ready to compromise everything except my self-respect.”
“So, I was not ready to get married at such a tender age of 25. For me, I was still a small girl, who has to accomplish a lot of creative things before marriage. God knows which kind of husband I would get, but, I was like, let me enjoy life as a single a little more!”
“Falling in love and love marriage are something I believed that didn’t exist. My parents were looking for a life-partner for me. Every time when a new proposal came and our jathakas didn’t match, I was the happiest person in the world. This time jathakas matched. But, I wished not to meet him. My akka (elder sister) convinced me to happily meet him at the least, reminding that the decision would be mine too. They knew, I am very adamant when I hate something/someone. They were afraid if I would behave rudely with him.”
“That day, I enjoyed my daily routine of Dhyana and Yoga more than the usual. I was ready to face him with a don’t care attitude.”
“Trin trin…”
“Our land line phone rang at 7.15am, when I was pinning my favourite yet most unlucky pink sari. You know, I purposefully wore that sari, to check how much unlucky it was. Usually, I used to wear matching accessories, eyeliner/kajal and a thin layer of lip colour while going to college. But, that day, I wore nothing extra. I was clear, I didn’t want to impress.”
“That was his call. They, himself and his appa (father), were in Vittal. My appa went to guide them the direction from the main road.”
“They came. I was in the kitchen-cum-dining room.
Formal words of greeting in the first meet in Havyaka tradition got exchanged between them and my parents. My amma (mother) offered them jaggery and water as per our tradition.
‘Hey, what are you studying?’
‘M doing my engineering.’
I heard two male voices. Second one was of my tamma (younger brother), who had come home on Yugadi vacation. First one, probably, it was him.”
“Their conversation continued, I was interrupted by my amma’s entry into the kitchen room.”
“I asked amma was he the same person in the photo? She nodded her head left and right in hurry. She had to prepare for light breakfast for them. I was totally confused! Before I could think about that, amma sought my help to separate the idlis from their bowls.”
“I was busy dealing with the garam idlis. My appa took them for freshening up through the outer door that is visible to the kitchen room. I could see a man with a light pink/peach shirt passing through the door. I didn’t see his face. But, pink??? Did I see PINK? Why did he copy MY COLOUR?…”
“Oh! Do you have a copy write of pink colour?”, Venu is pulling my legs.
“Of course!”, I know he is kidding…
“They came to kitchen room. I did not see them. Actually, I did not want to see them. My amma made me to serve banana halwa, which she had prepared. Still, I managed not to see him.”
“Banana halwa! Mmm… Yummy!”, Venu is dreaming of it now, I know!

Finally, We Met!

“Finally! After everyone’s breakfast, my father asked me to come to the living room. I went. I sat on a chair. I looked straight. I saw a smiling face in front of me. I could not control my tightened lips from smiling.”
“Our parents left us to talk and they were away. We began to talk. As we went on talking, I realised that we had been in the same school campuses for total of five years! In the Vittal school/college campus for three years and in the Vivekananda Colleges Campus, Puttur for two years! Oh My God! We had been traveling in the same buses! He also knew my akka, who was popular as a singer in Vittal Junior College!”
“For the first time, I was thinking why I didn’t notice boys in those days! 😛 We even had many common contacts! World is so small!”
“Very interesting, you proceed.”, Venu’s words.
“Then, we went on talking. I came to know that he is family oriented and nature lovingperson as I am. I wanted to know more…”
“When came to hobbies, I made a list of my hobbies. He told, ‘Music’!”
“That was shocking to me. I repeatedly asked, ‘Only music?’ He smiled and replied, ‘Yes, only music’. I was confused! Then what about yakshagana? His smile made me to forget that question and reminded me to ask that very important question.”
“I asked him what was his expectation about his life partner.”
“He answered, ‘I expect her to understand me, in turn I will promise to understand her. If she wants to work she may, if she doesn’t want to work she needn’t and if she wants to learn more I will support her. It is totally left to her.’ I was impressed!”

Handsign showing thumbs up for conveying 'very noble character'
Very Noble! Thumbs Up!
“Yes, I was impressed! I don’t know what made me to trust him. Goodness! I didn’t ask if he has any bad habits. I liked him. I accepted my defeat. I had found my man.”
Venu interrupts, “But, how about him? He might have had his own preferences!”
“I didn’t know, But, I thought he liked me too 😉 He threw the same question to me. ‘Same here, I wish him to understand me. I want to express myself. I want his support in all my endeavours.’, I told.”
“He just smiled.”
“Hmm… What happened next?”, Venu smiles.
“Now it is an old story, he is sitting just next to me and listening to me”, now I smile.
Venu smiles again and cuddles me. And we continue to talk and pull each others’ legs about ‘By-two Rooh-afza’, the first ever ‘Happy Yugadi 🙂’ messages, my fear of getting rejected by him for not knowing to cook and many more…!
My husband is my Mr. Zero. I never thought that I would fall in love! But, it happened on 4th April, 2011!
Wedding - Pencil Drawing
Happy Time With My Life-partner – A Pencil Sketch By Me

Now, I know, you have a question.

Why Do I Call Him Mr. Zero?

I named him Mr. Zero recently. Because, he is a man with 

Zero male-ego: 

He has never shown ‘male-ego’. He has always respected me. He waters my plants. He shares all the house hold works. Remember, I am not working for any organisation. He considers my blogging work as ‘work’ only.

Zero bad habits: 

He doesn’t have a single bad habit in spite of being a software engineer and yakshagana artist. He drinks only tea 😛 I am really very lucky!

No self-praising nature:

I bet, none of his colleagues know that he is a well-known Chende and Maddale player(link) in Tenkutittu Yakshagana. He is the grandson of very famous Yakshagana Bhagavatharu and teacher Late Narayana Bhagavatharu, Mambady(link) and son of renowned Chende – Maddale player and beloved Chende-Maddale-Bhagavathike teacher Shri Subrahmanya Bhat, Mambady(link). Only a very close friends of him know that he is humorous and he is a very good mimicry artist. It had taken a long time for me to know these facts! He has never made me feel that he is a great artist. He is just a loving husband to me at home.

         He is my best buddy:

        As a child I had been very silent and introvert. I had very less friends because of my nature. My amma and my sister were the only best friends of mine until I found my man. Now I have three best buddies! It is good that I can share everything with my husband.
      Zero is null as well as full in other words. Value of Zero is understood when it increases value of the other number in its side. It is Venu, My Mr. Zero! He has been a motivating power behind my blog works.

Zero Means Full shown with 'superb' handsign
Zero Means Full!

Why Do I Choose Platinum For My Love?

Diamond is the rare precious stone that can equalise equally rare real love in purity. If any metal exists in this world that upholds the quality of both diamond and love is Platinum.

Platinum & Love – Both Are Rare

Very rare precious stone in hand, Platinum & Love - Both Are Very Rare
Platinum & Love – Both Are Very Rare

Platinum, the most suitable metal for securing diamond, is the rarest precious metal ever found in the earth’s crust. Only a few hundred tonnes of Platinum is produced yearly! This amount is 30times less when compared to gold!  
I never thought my ideal man can ever exist. But, he exists. He is my love, Mr. Zero, Venu.
Platinum and precious persons are always rare! Else we would have not understood their value!

Platinum & My Love – Both Are Noble

Clenched hand and thumbs up handsigns to symbolise strong, resistant and noble characters
Platinum & Love – Both Are Strong, Resistant And Noble

Platinum is the most stable of all the precious metals. It is non-reactive in general circumstances. It is the strongest among the precious metals. Platinum shows excellent resistance to corrosion at high temperatures too.
My man is stable and does not have affinity to bad habits. So, a noble man can be compared only with a noble metal, platinum. We have fought with each other, but, it has always made our bonding stronger. We both complement each other at difficult situations and have stood up stronger. Ups and downs are common in every one’s life. I believe a noble relationship balances every problem like platinum.

Platinum & Love – Both Are Pure & Never Fade

A shining precious stone in hand sybolising purity
Platinum & Love – Both Are Pure& Fade Never
Platinum is usually pure in its form as it has a very high resistance to natural weather conditions. So, platinum doesn’t fade!
If it is pure, then only it is called as love. Pure love is not affected by any circumstances – beauty, health, wealth, success or failure. So, love can never fade, it is always new as platinum.

         Platinum & Love – Both Are Eternal

Handsign for superb as eternal that is forever.
Platinum & Love – Both Are Eternal
Platinum and Love are eternal due to stability – nobility – purity. They have no end! They are not only for a life time, but, are forever!
We are celebrating our second wedding anniversary on 13th November with our Platinum Day of Love with this love story ‘When I Met Mr. ZeRo’. Our story begins with hatred and misinterpretations that finally lead into a dramatic change in both of our lives.

Wedding Memories - A collage Work with Pencil Sketch
Venu – Sindhu Wedding Memories, A Pencil Sketch

Did I say he was the same ‘college student’ in that photo? Yes, it was him 🙂 Now, that pink sari is no more ‘unlucky’. Imagining my hatred, Venu thanks God that he was safe on that day! I have understood, good/bad habits are not earned by profession. Today, I have developed some sense of humour or I think so 😀 and; at last my husband has an updated facebook account 😉

Note: This post is submitted to Platinum Day of Love contest (in association with Indiblogger).

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A nature lover and dreamer who expresses herself as an artist, fashion designer and blogger. Persued B.Sc fashion design at Karavali College (Mangaluru University 2003 - 2006) with first rank. Former lecturer for fashion designing at Gloria College, Puttur for five years (2006-2011). Blogger since 2013.


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  2. Excellent story. Reminds me of how I met my wife. But totally opposite. When I was in college, I was introduced to a very beautiful girl. She was named Miss (of the city where she was living) I asked what is her major (in college). She said English Literature. I replied: you are wasting your time. She was shocked. She only knew boys who fall for her and do "jollu". Never met some one who was so arrogant and don't care how beautiful she was. She fell for me. We got married, two kids now, and living happily ever after.

  3. Thank you! Ah! Your story is very filmy and romantic! Every love story is unique yet it is connected to all the love stories! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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  14. Nice graphics – your design skills are good. There is a concept called Zen in Japan which says that, with age, materials (and people) wither, but they stay beautiful nevertheless. Keep up the spirit!! 🙂

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  17. Hearty welcome to my blog 🙂 Thanks, I am glad you like my designs and sketches 🙂 Zen is always beautiful in spite of being incomplete, it opens up our minds and lets us to think and find out the answers. Thanks for your valuable words!

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  19. like i've mentioned earlier. i like how you describe every moment. its as if i'm almost watching it for real or hearing it from you 🙂 very beautifully written..
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  23. I stumbled on your blog when i was browsing face book.. Just thought let me read a few lines, & it took me to end.. Very nice lovely article, which brought back the old memories of my life.. Haha, today is my 2nd wedding anniversary & what a coincidence!! BTW, Venu & me had travelled to Hosanagar matt together a couple of years back 🙂

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