What After Diwali?

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Diwali celebration is over…

The entire city blasted crackers…

The birds flew away in fear. Children got frightened and cried. Senior citizens felt depressed hearing a bang each at irregular intervals. The whole day with the bang of crackers made me feel that I was in a battlefield…
Birds scatter in fear of cracker blasts

What after burning money on crackers?

The birds and animals having very sensitive hearing ability get severe damage in their ears. Air, water and noise pollution! The pollution made in a day takes several days to clean up. After thinking what after Diwali, my question is, is it really worth to burn money on crackers? Instead isn’t it better to light small lamps and chant Lakshmi Devi’s shlokas?
Before and After Diwali - Realty: Before Diwali, After Diwali and a sweeper's extra duty to clean it all up
Is she really responsible for cleaning all that? Is she going to get extra wages for her extra work?
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