Keeping Plants Green While On Holidays

Good evening!
I had just returned home from native and rushed to see my plants. All the plants were smiling through their leaves and flowers except the marigold plants and pumpkin creeper in a pot! So, I am with a wide 🙂 after watering them all. 

How to water plants in your absence?

Last time’s water dripping bottles had failed to water plants utterly. This time we had planned to train the plants for ‘no water’ days. We stopped watering them all of a sudden until the plants really needed watering. So, ‘everyday watering’ changed to ‘once in two days’.

Keeping Plants Green While On Holidays

We had nurtured our plants using soil brought from our native last month. We had stopped keeping a ‘wet-waste bin’ again. And all the wet wastes have become fillings for the plant pots again. (We had stopped filling wet waste in the posts because of mosquitoes recently.) Thus, the water retention of the plants increased greatly.

So, now my plants are smiling! It feels great to have a warm welcome of first ever Jasmine flower in my garden, a few peanut flowers and a handful of marigold flowers! 

Mangaluru Mallige or Shankarapura mallige in my garden

Few more flower buds of Mangaluru Mallige or Shankarapura mallige

Male Peanut Flowers in my garden.Marigold flowers in my garden
Orange Marigold Flowers in my garden.

Brought hibiscus to plant this time. Let us see what happens. Hope to plan more for watering plants during vacation.

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