Flower & Fruit Guess!

Can you guess the plant?
Male and female flowers of Ricinus communis 


 An inflorescence (means a stalk) bears male and female flowers. The male flowers are yellowish-green with prominent creamy stamens (pollen producing organ). Male flowers usually appear in the base of the inflorescence. Female flowers are spiky with their red stigmas. Female flowers are located at the top of the inflorescence.
Male flowers of Ricinus communis with prominant creamy stamen and spiky female flowers with red stigma.


Fruits are spiny and green to reddish purple in colour. They include large bean-like poisonous seeds. Seeds are shiny. Sticky oil produced from the seeds enhances hair growth.

Close-up view of Spiny fruits of Ricinus communis in dark green colour


The dark green alternate and palmate leaves have coarse edges. They have long stalk. Leaves have medicinal properties. 

Side view of Ricinus communis fruits that are spiny

The last clue:
Ricinus communis is its botanical name.

Did you get what is it?
Thanks for all your likes friends 🙂 The photographs are of castor plant. Ms. Jyothi Bhat had guessed them as fig flowers and castor fruits! You have succeeded identifying the fruits! Cheers!

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