Flowers of Devi

Devi or Shakti is the symbol of energy. So, the most vibrant red coloured flowers are loved by her. Some of Durga Maa’s favourite flowers are:

Japaakusuma or Red Hibiscus
Japaakusuma or Red Hibiscus, is the most loved flower of Goddess Durga.
Japaa Kusuma or Red Hibiscus: The most loved flower of Goddess Durga.
Another variety of hibiscus.
A hybrid variety of Red Hibiscus
A hybrid variety of Hibiscus

KepuLa or Wild Ixora
This is a wild Ixora variety commonly called as Kepula in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India.
Another small red flower that Goddess Durga loves -Kapula or Kepala or Ixora

Ratha Pushpa / Ratha Hoovu
Ratha hoovu is a charriot like flower cluster seen in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India. Two plants with a charriot of flowers each.
Inflorescence of Ratha Pushpa
Ratha hoovu in close up.
Ratha Pushpa in close-up
Ratha hoovu and buds in another view
Ratha Pushpa: Another click
Single Ratha Hoovu with a number of buds.
A Ratha Pushpa and buds

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