Deep In The Ocean – Pencil Art

 Weekly Artwork: A Pencil Art with Carving

A pencil sketch of fishes and shells using paper carving method.
This is a simple looking yet skill-requiring pencil art with carving. first, I drew the picture over a sheet of paper. The picture included ‘sea life’. I placed this sketch over a thick drawing paper that was kept over a newspaper. Carving appears well on a thick drawing sheet. Newspaper ensures better results of carving. I firmed this arrangement with clips at the sides.
I drew all the outlines using a ball point pen applying pressure as much as possible. Concentration is very important at this stage as a careless movement may spoil the entire work.
I removed the side clips and took the carved drawing sheet. I shaded it with Faber-Castell Water Soluble Pencils over the carvings. Graphite shading results the best. But, I wanted to experiment it with colour. And the result is in front of you along with a funny story! Hope you to enjoy!

Story of Fishes And Shells :

One day a mommy fish and her fingerling were merrily roaming in the sea.
Pencil sketch of two fishes in carving method

Roaming and roaming they reached the sea bottom. Wow! It was so wonderful! It was filled with attractive shells!

Shells and grass sketched using carving technique
A variety of shells sketched by paper carving
They found a paisley shell. It was the prettiest of all! 
A paisely motif is sketched using carving technique
Filled with love, the mommy fish and the baby fish kissed the paisley. Amazing! The paisley moved slightly upwards!
A pencilart of shells and fishes using carving method
They saw, the Paisley started to move upwards! They blew air bubbles for joy. The paisley moved up! They stopped blowing, the paisley came down! The fingerling had fun moving the paisley up and down! And up and down!

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