Colour! Colour! Which colour?

A beautifully arranged set of colourful cloth hanging clips

An evening at our balcony on a weekend. I wanted to shoot the ‘Gilivindu’ (means a group of parrots in Kannada). Every time, I failed to get a good capture. That’s Okey! I thought I will get another chance.

My fingers were terribly willing to click something and they found this ‘Colourful Clip Parade’ 🙂 I was busy taking photographs. Unaware of that, my husband started to play with the same and his hand came into the picture asking ‘Which colour to pick?’

A colourful set of cloth hanging clips... Which one should I pick?
These pictures were kept closed in my folder as the quality was not satisfactory.
A few days ago, Prakash, a friend of us posted an awesome clip parade photo on FB . I remembered of my clicks! Just looked into the folder, now they appeared ‘not so bad’ and thought of giving them a chance. So, here they are!

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