Happy Teachers’ Day!

A traditional Indian Lamp

‘Happy Teachers’ Day To All My Teachers’

Teachers are the lamps who silently lighten many other lamps and never bother staying unrecognised.

My parents, who are my first teachers;
Sujatha akka, Subhadra akka – Balavadi teachers;

Rajivi Teacher (for all madams we used to add a suffix ‘teacher’), Saroja Teacher, Nayak Sir, Umakka Teacher, Bhavani Teacher, Latha Teacher, Timmanna Sir, Jayanthi Teacher, Pascal Teacher – at DKZPHP School, Kambalabettu;

My Carnatic music gurus, my sisters Ms. Jyothi Ramakrishna and Ms. Shwetha ulhas (I am still in basics, it is a long story);

Tirumaleshwara Bhat Sir, Krishna Bhat Sir, Vani Teacher, Prasad Sir, Prakash Sir, my favourite drawing teacher – Kalavathi Teacher, Shambhavi Teacher, Mallika Hedge Teacher, Leela Teacher, Aruna Teacher, Devaki Teacher, Jayaram Sir, Indumati teacher – at Vittal Girls’ High School, Vittal;

VG Bhat Sir, Umadevi Madam, Nagesha Mahodaya, KSP

(Shivaprasad) Sir, Harish Shastry Sir, KSN (Sooryanarayana) Sir, SNB (Shankaranarayana) Sir, SGB (Shrikrishna Gananraja Bhat) Sir, Prakash Sir, Nirmala Madam, CS (Chandrashekhar) Sir, Nalina Madam, KK (Krishna karanth) Sir, Prajwala Madam,  Yashavanthi Madam, KP (Parameshwara Bhat) Sir, Rohini Madam – at Vivekananda Pre-university College, Puttur;

Niranjana Sharma Sir, Shivaganesh Sir, Vishal Sir, Rose Madam, Radhika Madam, Veeranna Sir, Rashmi Madam, Harsha (my senior first and then madam) – at Karavali College, Mangalore

My salute to all my teachers for making me to think positive, curious to learn new things and for making ‘me’, who I am today!

September 5th of every year we celebrate birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as Teachers’ Day. Another great teacher and visionary, Dr. Kalam’s was born on 15th October. This post is a dedicated to all the great teachers and my teachers.

This post was supposed to be published on 5th September with a note about all my teachers. But, how could I finish writing in a single day? So, whenever it is possible, I wish to write a line or two about my teachers, in the future.

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