Pumpkin Story

One day, I was watering my pots in my balcony. I saw 2 seedlings with dark green cotyledons have sprouted! I had no clue of that pumpkin creepers will fill my balcony with green sooner.
Pumpkin seedlings with two dark green cotyledons.
To my surprise, I saw tendrils one day ! Oh! It might be a vegetable creeper!  I hadn’t seen pumpkin creeper till then. So, I was not sure if it was. The creepers climbed the balcony grills. I helped them too by making a mesh of jute threads 🙂
Do you remember these photos I posted?

In the following days,  flower buds appeared in the creepers. 
Pumpkin creeper with flower buds.
A pumpkin flower bud ready to bloom
Long stalked flower buds of pumpkin?
But, why were their stalks so long??? It was a big question mark for
me. But, what else could I do except waiting?
(Part 2: yet to come)

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