A Bird Lover

You have seen the Birds’ Meet @ Sarasbaug yesterday. Were you thinking why those birds were gathered? Here is the answer, they were eagerly waiting for a ‘Bird Lover’! As soon as he came, all the birds flew towards him and surrounded him in a circle. Can you see a number of crows in a parade? Goodness! They all patiently waited until ‘The Bird Lover’ opened the snacks packet he brought.
A bird lover feeding snacks to a large number of birds @ Sarasbaug, Pune, Maharashtra

And you can also see how  they are flying in merry after having stomach-full of ‘The Bird Lover’s Love’! Many thanks to my husband Venu, who clicked this photograph.

A bird lover surrounded by a number of pigeons and crows, feeding snacks to the eagerly waiting birds.

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