Peacock – Weekly Artwork

Peacocks symbolize life and energy. 
Peacocks represent an optimistic approach to life. 
Peacocks always inspire the artists around the world. 
Of course, I am one among them.

Peacocks in watercolour – Outlines

 Two male peacocks in dancing mood. Drawn the outlines in lavender colour
This painting of peacock in the outlines was inspired by a photo collage work published in a magazine. I know it is unrealistic to draw the two peacocks with single body, but, artist has not restrictions! This is my all time favourite and I have used this picture many of my artworks, still, I find it as new as I saw it for the first time! So, scroll down to see the next artwork…

Peacocks – Watercolour Painting

Two male peacocks in dancing mood.
This painting is the reproduction of the same picture on a drawing sheet of almost 3’x3′.
Sorry! I don’t have better photo! It was already framed and hung on wall (almost 4 years ago) when my brother-in-law, Mr Ulhas Bhat captured this.

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