Wild Orchids From My Garden…

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A few days ago I was talking to my amma over phone. She said, “Sindhu, your orchids are flowering! You should have been here to see that!”
Wow! My Orchids were flowering!
Let me tell you why I was so much excited. I am very much fond of wild plants since my childhood. I collected many from the farms/forest wherever I had been. Out of those precious plants a few of wild orchids survived. Every summer I had been waiting to see the first orchid buds in my garden. Can you guess? Orchids took nearly 10-12years to blossom for the first time! 
Afterwards, every year orchids blossom and I recall all the memories.
Below are a few more photographs of my darling orchids, clicked last year. Enjoy!

Two Orchids in my Collection
Another click

Clicked @ Night

 Another Fancy Orchid

Shot @ Urimajalu House, Puttur, Karnataka

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